how exactly does USPS deal with the change of address?

  When you move, then you record a "change of address" see the local U.S. post office.  They'll forward all first class mail for up to year to a new address.  This information also gets put into a "change of address" database that's made available to a variety of mailing listing maintainers.   Additional bases have prepared extremely accurately how to forward emails, as to a secondary query, it is really a combination of computerized scan and forwarding from machine and what it's overlooked the preceding email carrier would grabs them and also ship them to become hand sorted and also the new address put on by a clerk.  When you fill out the reversal of address card, then that info is entered in the Central Forwarding System (CFS).   It's a pc data base.   All email from each office is sorted by zipcode and also mailed into the processing facility that grips that zipcode.   The old speech (barcode) is automatically read by a computer and the newest handle is affixed into this email piece (usually a yellow sticker).   The mail is then re entered in to the mail stream to be automatically delivered into your new address.

USPS change of Address 

Nearly all of the commenters have overlooked your own question.  You want to learn how it gets forwarded.  You address and name enters the database.  When somebody sends you a letter, then the address and name are study by the very first processing machine which letter passes through.  It compares all of addresses with the data-base.  If it discovers you have moved it sprays the barcode in the front of your own brand new speech.  Then this letter goes straight into where you are currently, perhaps not your previous address.  It's all automated.

 Transform of address is an occasion taking process and generally in the majority of the scenarios, it is activated within 14 days.  You need to make sure that you have adequate time before you record it.  Since processing normally takes a little time plus you cannot expect to get your emails forwarded on times Keep in mind that if you forward your mailing address during the postal service, some more compact organizations who email you things (any health practitioners, attorneys, etc. that have mailing info on file) will still ship matters into the address you've offered.   Additionally, email is only forwarded by the USPS to get a couple of weeks, so so if you are expectant of something also it does not ever comes then you have to absolutely call and also cover your foundations.  You don't desire any bills or parking violations sneaking through the cracks.

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